Formal and Informal Research
Vertical Agriculture Urban vertical agriculture in Israel - Crop catalogue and the revisioning of functional roles of a disputed land (he)
POPS - Privately Owned Public Places Typology analysis, policy and risks, in San Francisco, New York and London. (en)
Home Biome Can germs make us feel at home?
/ MSquare Magazine (en)
Seven Sea Stitching West Oakland to its waterfront via trust-building gamification and human experience analysis / UC Berkeley Urban Design team research (en)
Work your Neighbourhood Ethnic Integration Policies in Oakland and Singapore, and the role of stewardship in social cohesion / UC Berkeley Sociology Dept. Seminar (en)
Alter Eco Redevelopment of Naval Airport in Alameda for self-sustained communities with Sea Level Rise adaptation / Urban Design Master studio, under Resilient By Design Bay Area framework (en)